Nude Recreation From A Woman's Perspective


What is the “perfect body,” and who gets to define it? Hollywood, the make-up and fashion industries? Cosmetic surgery is a big business that convinces us that we need to be perfect to be acknowledged by society.

Imagine a place where you are accepted, not based on how you dress, where you work, your age, or if you are fit or not.

The great thing about being a nudist is that NONE of the above matters. Loving the skin you are in and accepting your body is the philosophy of the American Association for Nude Recreation  - AANR.

As a woman nudist for most of my life, I found once I made peace with my body and didn’t try to change it to fit the unreal and unattainable images the media insisted I have, I felt a lot better about it. Body positivity is one of the tenets of nudism, and believe it or not, the best you will ever feel about your body is when you shed your clothes and accept and love your body as it is. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but once you let go of the preconceived notions society has insisted we must adhere to, to fit in, a burden is lifted. Scars, cellulite, wrinkles, small breasts, big hips – these make you unique and are accepted as part of you and not something that needs to be corrected to be accepted. Even better, what if you were to discover a group of people who were like-minded and enjoyed life without the same encumbrances?

Within AANR, there is a group of women dedicated to ensuring women feel welcomed into nudism. It is called WINR – Women in Nude Recreation.  While nudists accept everyone who wants to live a wholesome, non-sexual, family-friendly way of life, having the support of other women is immeasurable. The camaraderie you feel as you interact with other women who have embraced their bodies is unlike anything found in the textile world.

AANR has resorts and a few nude beaches in the United States that ensure all who enter feel welcomed and in a place they can feel safe enjoying nude recreation. I always say that my nudist friends are the only ones who know the color of my eyes because nudists are respectful and look into your eyes when they speak to you. They care about the kind of person I am and not the clothes I wear, the occupation I have, or any of the outward appearances society suggests we use as visual cues to determine whether the person is worthy of our attention. Nudists come from all walks of life and are your neighbors, your coworkers, or someone who shops at the same grocery store you do. They merely ascribe to a nude philosophy.

You owe it to yourself to feel the best you will ever be about your body. Why not visit a club today and join in the fun?







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